Monday, August 10, 2009

Susan Polgar BANNED from the USCF!

By Bill Hall
August 10, 2009

The United States Chess Federation Executive Board voted Friday night to revoke the memberships of Susan Polgar and her husband Paul Truong. Polgar and Truong appealed the revocations to the Board of Delegates on Saturday and the revocations were upheld by a vote of 55-21 (Polgar) and 58-18 (Truong).

Susan is a chronic frivolous litigator and opportunist who couldn't care less about the welfare of the uscf or it's members. Fame and her own material success are all that is important to her. As for her husband Truong, he has a long history of being a con man who has declared bankruptcy twice. These two make Bonnie and Clyde look like a virgin nun and altar boy.

Some USCF members wrote in with comments:

Jonathan Hilton - My only regret is that this did not happen at last year's meeting. Anyone who sues the USCF for $10 million should have his or her membership from the organization revoked, and certainly should not serve on the Executive Board. I am happy that the bylaws amendments along those lines passed more or less unanimously during open session.

Harry Payne - The People who tried (and failed) to destroy the USCF was none other than Susan Polgar and her hubby. They received what was just, and I am sure there is more(much more) justice to come from the Courts.

Michael Aigner - Anyone who sits on the Executive Board of a non-profit organization while suing the organization for $25 Million (later reduced to $10M) deserves the wrath of the Delegates. There is simply no way you can effectively lead the organization while suing it for nearly 10 times its annual budget. Fortunately, the vast majority of Delegates present in Indianapolis understood this concept. The appeals were rejected by about a 3:1 margin.

The action by the Delegates mirrors the results of the recent election, when the candidates endorsed by Polgar were defeated by a similar margin. Except for a few vocal dissidents, I think we can safely say that the USCF members have spoken loud and clear.

Jonathan Hilton - Actually, the "punishment" for Susan and Paul was very, very light. They were simply removed from the Executive Board in the most harmless way possible. They are no longer allowed to be USCF members, but they are still allowed to play in rated tournaments via the Tournament Membership route. That said, Polgar has played in only one serious USCF tournament in three years. Even if we hadn't allowed them to continue playing in rated events, it would not have been a tremendous loss to the chess world (in my opinion).

Looks to me like the people (and the United States Chess Federation) have spoken!